Connect! Isn't it about time?

Network. Share. Learn


Launched in February 2014, Responsible Tourism Networking is the only platform dedicated to connecting people working in responsible tourism so we can share ideas, collaborate on projects and find potential business.

It has grown out of the success (and limitations) of the Responsible Tourism Networking group on Facebook. This is the largest of its kind on Facebook, and there have been, and still are, some great discussions there. But these discussions vanish away as everything does on Facebook, meaning they can’t be researched or developed at a later date.

So a group of us have built this simple social network as a dedicated space for the ever-growing numbers of people involved with responsible tourism. It doesn’t matter whether you have over a decade’s experience or are just starting out at college – so long as you are hear to learn, share and discuss Responsible Tourism, this is the place for you.

Which means, of course, that it is always a work in progress. RT is built on collaboration and co-creation, and while we may have got the site off the ground, we look to everyone (if they want to) to say what should be on here and what shouldn’t. So please, start a discussion in the forum or pitch in on one that is already going. Connect with one of your heroes or heroines if you see that they are a member. Let the world know about your idea to change tourism, and see if anyone wants to get involved. Or just take some time to browse through the growing database of resources (feel free to add to it), see what’s happening in the news feed, or even discover some amazing places to go on your next holiday.

Whatever you need from responsible tourism, it will – with your support – soon all be here.